A Message And Request from Greg

To my Brutally Honest Friends: 

          Welcome to our website. We are very pleased to present this site to you as a daily resource to assist you, your family and friends to get to your “next level” and to help others do so as well. 

           Thanks to those of you that have already responded and have in fact given me your comments.  I sincerely appreciate your genuine and kind compliments.  I also value your constructive criticism.  I was touched by your responses to the various stories within the book. 

          Preliminarily, by and far, the response was nothing short of amazing. I was overwhelmed by the kind emails, calls and in person compliments.   While many of you understandably went right to the stories, there were also those who fully completed all the exercises.  Others read parts and others will be beginning in the future.  Given that the books release was a long standing passion and mission of mine, as you might imagine, I was very happy about it’s release and even more happy to give it to you. 

          I have written recently on the Brutally Honest website, , my thoughts about those I call the 3 percenters. Who are these 3% ?  I believe that 3% of the population will gravitate to the full meaning of what Brutally Honest has to offer.  They seek positive changes in their lives, they will obtain the book because they truly want to read it, they will read the book cover to cover, they will fully complete all the exercises, they will interact on the site, they will download the free companion book offered online, complete the journals and move forward towards their Brutally Honest Target Zones.  They will look forward to each new book release, attend events, and be magnetized to everything Brutally honest has to offer, much the same way I have been to my mentors like Tony Robbins, Robert Kiyosaki, and the countless other authors I have followed.  If they have a product that is released, I purchase it, without question and often sign up in advance to get the item as soon as it is released. I am one of their 3 percenter’s.  This is partly how Jim and I became such great friends and developed the Brutally Honest Business.  Jim went from not believing in any of these types of products to being transformed into a lifelong believer in the incredible power these items have to offer.  It is through this mutual passion that Brutally Honest evolved. I truly hope and pray that if you are not already a believer in the benefit of similar products, that you will be shortly, as the lessons contained in the of the Brutally Honest Life Management Journal are the sum total of all of the lessons Jim and I have learned throughout our lives.      

          As such, our immediate target audience is the 3% .  Like anything else in life, you have to want to change before change can happen.  Does that mean that the other 97% are wrong? No. People need to make their own choices in life.  There are many factors that motivate individuals and contribute to the choices that people make.  Likewise, in todays fast paced world, there are many things that we each are required “to do” each day that steal our time.  Honestly, there are days that I don’t know how to fit in the 48 hours of “to do” items in a 24 hour day and still have time to sleep.  My personal mission is to seek out the 3% and give them the tools to get to their next levels.  Doing this also fuels my passion by being surrounded by like minded individuals.  That said, my nature will always be to continue to reach out to the other 97% to make a difference in the world, one person at a time. If, in my lifetime, I can increase the percentage from 3% to 4% then I will be extremely proud and happy.

          So here is what I would ask you to do.  If you haven’t read the book yet, please do so at your leisure.  I would strongly suggest that you also complete the exercises:

1) Go to , go to the blog section, sign in and leave both a comment and continue to interact on a periodic basis;

2) Go to and Barnes and and add a comment under each book.  See the following links which take you there.  Doing this increases the viewer ship and draws more people to the book as well as determines various rankings;  

3) If you truly liked the book, or just based on shear nepotism…lol,  please email the links to the book to your family, friends and contact list(s) with an endorsement asking them to purchase and to pass it on to others.  This is again a critical step in spreading the word ;

4) Please recommend the book to your friends and contacts on Facebook, My Space, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and other social networking sites. You can do this within each site by clicking

          a) If you are on Facebook, sign up to become a “fan” on “The Brutally     Honest Life Management Journal” fan page and reccomend the page to your friends from within the fan page itself.

5)  Do you know any individuals, organizations, businesses etc that would be interested in purchasing the book, having a speech, seminar or any of the other multitude of services we provide (See the website for a list of services)?  If so, please recommend them to us.

6) Email me personally and let me know your thoughts overall and what you can do/did on the above list. Please go into great detail about the various categories etc.  Your comments are invaluable to me.  I truly welcome your other suggestions on how to better spread the word. Please understand that I want you to brag about all of the things you did/do to support Brutally Honest.  You should.  Each thing you do to spread the message about Brutally Honest is helping others and continues to allow me to fulfill my ongoing “Ripple Effect” to change the world, one person at a time!

          I realize that all of the above takes a little time.  I know that you are all extremely busy so the time you take is much appreciated.   In essence, you can copy and paste your comments in the various places above which will save you time.   There are two concepts known as “Viral Marketing” and “World Wide Rave”.  By each of you telling those on your contact lists to tell those on each of their contact lists and so on, and so on… to do the above 6 things, it will create a large group that continues to grow and benefit from the concepts that have transformed of so many others.  Have fun with the above as well.  With each of the 6 items you complete, you are participating in personally changing the World in a positive way.  Think about that.  How often do we make a difference in other people’s lives.  Knowing all of you, quite frankly, most of you help others often and I can tell you unconditionally, you have made a difference in my life.  Lets jointly continue this momentum and create a positive movement starting as gentle movement of water in a lake, transcending to a little wake, a small wave, a large wave, a 30 foot Hawaiian surfers dream to an ultimate tidal wave of energy  spreading throughout the world.

            In closing, I can’t thank you enough for doing this and for being a special part of my life.  I look forward to hearing from each of you.  As always, I likewise remain available to help each and every one of you in any way that I can.

                                                          Very Truly Yours

                                                          Gregory P. LaMonaca


January 15th – Do You Know What Today Is?

Typically individuals make their New Years Resolutions right around December 31st. They make all sorts of commitments to make change in the next year. Was this you? Did you make promises to start an exercise program? To start saving or investing? What promises did you make? The importance of January 15th is that this is the day that most people forget about the promises and resolutions they made a couple weeks before. They settle into their lives and go back to the same old routines that were present at the end of the prior year. In fact, between 3-5% actually follow through. Are you in this group?

Another question for you. Did you read through the Brutally Honest Life Management Journal? If you did, that’s a great. If not, why not? If you did, did you actually do the exercises? If not, why not? The simple Brutally Honest truth is that we know that out of the entire population, approximately 3% of individuals will not only read through the book, but actually do the exercises. Where are you? Are you in the 3%? The reality is that for the individuals that actually fall within the 3% and take the time to do the exercise we can absolutely guarantee that your life will be transformed for the better. Those that fall within the other 97% will find many excuses on why they did not take the time to do the exercises. They don’t have the time. They don’t need the help. They find it interesting reading the stories but say that they will come back later and fill in the exercises? The beauty of life is that know matter what we tell others, the excuses we make and the words that we tell the rest of the world, only YOU and your creator knows what you actually have done to make lasting change. Only you suffer from failing to take action. You will inevitably find your self ion a similar situation as you are right now, one year from now.

Keep in mind that if you freely choose to keep the status quo, that is ok. If however you want to make a radical change to the rest of your life, take the time to be one of the 3%. Commit today to taking the first steps towards the rest of your life. Be Brutally Honest with Yourself and take action.

January 2nd – 2010

Are your 2010 goals for your life in place?  Did you wake up full of energy and ready to take on the world on the January 1st?  If you answered yes to each of these questions then congratulations you are on your way to a wonderful 2010.  If you are in the majority then you probably answered no to at least on question.

This is your year to get “BRUTALLY HONEST” and begin to live life on YOUR terms.  This is your year to realize that YOU and YOU alone control your mind and that you are not your past mistakes.  I declare that 2010 is YOUR year to live in the present and enjoy each and every moment that God has given you.

Today I would like if you would take some time to quietly sit, take a deep breath and think about the fact you are alive and able to do anything that you want.  Further, I would like if you would take 5 minutes to think about ALL of the people that love you and that you love.  Realize that this love is a gift given freely and it can bring your mental state up anytime you want it to.  This year you will take the Brutally Honest step to control your emotional state and begin living the life you deserve.

We would love to hear from you and we look forward to a wonderful relationship.

December 31st – 2009

Here we are about to embark on yet another year.  Have you made resolutions that you hope to keep this year?  Are your resolutions based on “acquiring more things or maybe losing a few pounds”?  Those resolutions are not bad things to WISH for but do you have a plan and better yet a detailed plan to make those resolutions come to life?

What would stop you from achieving those resolutions or “Life Goals”?  Or have you not thought about that?  The reality is that many of us will make goals for the upcoming year that we hope to keep.  What if you KNEW that your goals would become reality?

The Brutally Honest Life Management Journal is a tool for you to use to 1) Find out who you are 2) Put a plan in place to get to where you want to be and 3) Keep you “Life Plan” on track and moving forward.  This may sound simple and it is IF you take the first step.  The first step is to take BRUTALLY HONEST action and begin the journey by taking the first small but significant step.  Remember the “trick” is to take ACTION.

This year you will be in control of your destiny and not events or other people because you are taking the Brutally Honest steps to find your Soul’s Core and become the person you want to be.

I would like you to think about something and let me know your thoughts.  What if everything you want is here and now, living in the present?  What if you are not your past and you are not worrying about the future?  What would your life be like if you simply to a deep breath and felt good to be alive?  The reality is that this gift is yours to give yourself right now.  You are alive and have the ability (through control of your mind) to alter anything in your life.

I wish for you love, joy from within and peace in your life.  Make this your year to be Brutally Honest!


  1. John Herreid says:

    February 27th, 2020at 10:32 am(#)

    I first met Greg in 2006 when we were both members of Business Network International (BNI). He is the most impressive individual I have ever gotten to know. His persona and professional ethics and standards are off the charts. I am proud to call him friend.

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