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  1. The “Brutally Honest Life Management Journal”
  2. The “Brutally Honest Daily Journal”
  3. Group phone seminars
  4. Individual phone seminars
  5. Group webinars
  6. Individual webinars
  7. Group Seminars
  8. The Founders Club “The Ultimate Experience”


At Brutally Honest, we strive to provide a varying amount of formats to allow the user to participate in a manner that best suits their individual needs.  We have learned either that while some individuals prefer a one on one experience, others prefer to participate by phone or by video because of convenience, geographic location or that, the live format simply may not fit their personality preference.  Additionally, as is written in the Brutally Honest Life Management Journal, each individual has unique learning styles.  Some are auditory (they learn best by hearing), some visual (learn best by seeing), some kinesthetic (they learn best by feeling) or any combination of the above.  Whatever your style or preference, there is a format for you.  The following is an overview of some of the services and products that are/will be available.   The following is listed from least interaction to the most.  Enjoy!  

1) The “Brutally Honest Life Management Journal”

The Brutally Honest Life Management Journal is perhaps the first Self Help book ever written that truly allow “SELF” help.  Most books profess to allow the reader to do a whole host of things but inevitably leave the reader with more questions than answers.  They tell the reader to “do as I do” and follow what they have done in an attempt to have the reader achieve the same results. While there is a chance of this occurring, more often than not it does not because the author’s circumstances, geographic location, physical, mental, emotional makeup and all of the other factors that separate us as human beings simply do not match that of the reader.  For example, if an Olympic gold medal power lifter wrote a book on how to win a gold medal in power lifting, it is unlikely that most readers, no matter how dedicated, will be able to attain the same results.

Brutally Honest is different, radically different. For many years, the author’s have successfully used the techniques written about in the Brutally Honest Life Management Journal to transcend the lives of countless individuals utilizing an in person, one on one, format.  In that format, we can observe visual, verbal, auditory, gustatory cues as well as a whole host of things relating to body language, tone, tempo and the like. While this is no doubt the best way to implement the techniques, the challenge and  mission in creating the  Brutally Honest Life Management Journal  was to create a book that would allow the reader to come as close as possible to the same results achieved in a one on one format.  How did we do this?  Over the course of several years, the unique features contained within the Brutally Honest Life Management Journal came to life.  The final product transcends anything written by truly allowing the reader to take a magical journey to reconnect with themselves, to break through barriers, reflect on the past, assess the present and create dynamic, empowering Brutally Honest Target Zones for the future.

The Brutally Honest Life Management Journal can be purchased by clicking the link contained within this site, from or through Barnes n

2) The “Brutally Honest Daily Journal”

Having finished the Brutally Honest Life Management Journal, the reader will find himself or herself in a radically different, empowering state.  Like the worlds most fun, exciting and thrilling roller coaster, the reader finds himself or herself having taken a similar journey to the inner depths of their Soul…their “Souls Core”.

For a limited time only, all readers of the Brutally Honest Life Management Journal can receive a free, downloadable copy of the Brutally Honest Daily Journal.  This Daily journal contains both new, bonus content, in addition to a fully printable journal to track your progress with Daily, weekly, monthly and yearly pages.  Unlike other “fill in the blank” journals, which only capture your thoughts, the Brutally Honest Daily Journal allows you to both capture your thoughts but also quantify each day through several categories, which will truly allow you to gauge your progress on a daily, monthly and yearly basis.  It provides a mechanism to allow the user to stay on track, get back on track when life throws you an inevitable hurdle and most importantly creates a lasting legacy for yourself or any other recipients that you choose to leave it to.

To obtain this limited offer, go to and follow the instructions.

3) Group phone seminars

Sign up for a chance to participate with other Brutally Honest individuals in a forum that allows for group interaction via the telephone.  The founders and periodic guest speakers will conduct seminars that range from a variety of topical subjects.  This forum allows the listener to participate from anywhere in the world by way of the telephone.  Whether you prefer sitting in your living room, office, cell phone, on the beach, whatever and where ever you choose, you can benefit from these exciting and dynamic seminars.  Sign up for email updates and check periodically online for further instructions on how to sign up for your own, individual webinar.

4) Individual phone seminars

Similar to the group, phone seminars above, this format allows for the same, convenient use of the phone allowing you to participate, one on one, with the founders.  With the same convenience, the user can tailor a program that works best for them with the only requirement being phone access.  How easy is that?  Sign up for email updates and check periodically online for further instructions on how to sign up for your own, individual webinar.

5) Group webinars

Are you unable to attend a live seminar? Are you unable to participate in a once in a lifetime, one on one, session with the Brutally Honest Founders?  Would you prefer a group, video session as opposed to a one on one video session with the founders? Are you ready to take the next step after reading the Brutally Honest Life Management Journal?  Are you interested in joining like-minded Brutally Honest individuals in a group setting via the web? If any of these applies to you, then you will benefit immensely from these periodic webinars, which will cover various topics of interest to all Brutally Honest followers.  Sign up for email updates and check periodically online for further instructions, dates and times.  Should you want to receive more information or talk to the founders please send a message.

6) Individual webinars

Like the group webinars, the individual webinar utilizes similar technological innovations by allowing the participant to partake in an individualized, one on one, webinar with one, or both of the founders of Brutally Honest.  This highly specialized experiences allows the user to interact with the founders in a format that allows for virtual interaction whereby the founders can utilizes the majority of the Brutally Honest tools to observe the multitude of body languages emanating from the user to allow the founders to better assess and assist the user in attaining their Brutally Honest Target Zones.  These webinars also allow the user a unique opportunity to tailor a program that best suits their specific needs.  Do you need one intense session, a couple? More? A plan is available for each user.  Sign up for email updates and check periodically online for further instructions on how to sign up for your own, individual webinar.

7) Group Seminars

Are you a member of a group or organization that could benefit from the Brutally Honest concepts? The Brutally Honest concepts can be tailored to all groups, big or small.  Likewise, seminars can be custom designed for all work environments as well.  The Brutally Honest Founders will hand craft a program that can address the unique concerns that your organization may be encountering, head off potential problems and simply a way to show your appreciation to the members of your group or work.  Contact us online for further details.

8)  The Founders Club “The Ultimate Experience”

You are about to be invited to take part in one of the most revolutionary, earth shattering programs ever to be shared.  Are you an individual that benefits best by participating, one on one, in person?  This limited offering allows you unfettered access to the founders in an environment that allows for the best use of all senses in a highly tailored, dynamic, one on one experience that is unmatched.  The Brutally Honest techniques that are utilized are the culmination of over forty years of combined research into the area of personal success. With a marked commitment to excellence, the founders have now made available these secrets to a few select individuals.

The  principles that you will learn during this one on one experience will not only empower you, but your entire family as well as you share with them what you have learned, thereby creating positive ripples extending to infinity. These techniques have been used to save lives, reunite families, and create dreams.

The Founders have studied and researched thousands of different books, seminars and audios in the area of success, motivation and self-improvement. This study has given the founders thousands of year’s worth of proven success theory, which will be applied, to the individual. How long would it take you to replicate this same thing?  In an environment that allows for full immersion, the individual will exponentially multiply the learning effect.  Is this method for everyone? No.  To engage the senses of the individual and to fully allow the individual to change their current state, the founders utilize all of the tools in their collective arsenal to guide the individual to new heights, to THEIR Brutally Honest Target Zones!

The Founders have dedicated their lives to achieving peak performance, having helped hundreds of individuals from all occupations realize their dreams, and have designed a system that is without comparison as it is specifically tailored to the INDIVIDUALS needs, not societies.  You see, while the founders strongly believe in the power of reading self improvement books and attending seminars, there is however a reason why most readers who purchase these types of books, seminars etc., begin motivated but quickly revert back to where they were before beginning the book or attending the seminar, and sometimes go even further backwards, only to get hyped by the next marketing idea, and so on, and so on, etc.

For perhaps the first time in your life, you will see what your failures are, you will see what your problems are, and you will do something about them.  Throughout the Brutally Honest program, you will feel hurt at times, criticized, and often will think, “How dare they say that about me.”  Personally, we do not care whether you like us; hate us, or anything in between.  The bottom line is that its time to be real.  Its time to face the Brutally Honest truth, and do something about it… TODAY!!!   Being honest with yourself, and truly being “Brutally Honest,” will make you feel better about yourself, lessen anxiety, and make you feel free.  Free from whom you ask.  Free from yourself! When are creator decides it is time to go someday and takes us from this earth, what scorecard will you be judged by?  Do you think it will really matter that you felt bad that you could not do things, or that if you had another chance you would do it?  Did you feel like you weren’t strong enough for a certain task?  Not good looking enough?  On the other hand, do you blame others and say that someone else took something that you wanted, or that someone else told you that you could not do something? It is easy to blame others or society for your problems.  This is what the mainstream conventional wisdom will have you believe.  Its’ the economies fault. There are no jobs out there. The government is causing me problems. At Brutally Honest, we shatter this copout and focus in on reality.  If you are failing, you have you to blame. Simple! If you are not making enough money, it is only you who are at fault.  While it is often painful to admit this, it is only when you come to grips with these truths, during the “breakdown Phase”, that you can begin to design YOUR life plan.  Brutally Honest embraces reality and has at its heart the reuniting of the person with himself or herself. Often this reunion has been many years in the making.

Most self help products  on the market look great, are colorful and make amazing claims to do everything from curing depression, losing tons of weight overnight, making millions of dollars etc.  While the claims are often found to be true for that author, unless you can match apples to apples and all of the criteria of the author matches that of the reader, the reader is often left with the empty feeling of having read about how the author achieved amazing results, while the reader could not come close to achieving the same results.  Why is this?  Quite simply, what works for one author who may be a trust fund baby with no job, living out in their beach house on the West coast, does not necessarily work for a single mother or father of five, working two jobs to feed their Children?  Seeing this significant gap in hundreds of programs, the founders of Brutally Honest developed their system to combat this inadequacy to first clearly define what it is the individual needs, and not the author.   In this unique, one on one format, you will be forced to confront IMMEDIATELY the roadblocks that have been holding you back.  While others in your life may have been pacifying you and concurring with your excuses, we WILL NOT.  You will be made to be held accountable.

When you reach that inevitable time at the end of your life, and you look back over your life, you will not get a second chance.  However, I also know something else to be certain; you have a second chance, and that time is NOW!!!  Being Brutally Honest will truly transform your life.  It will transform your way of thinking, your way of approaching life, and it will free you from your inner restraints and self-doubt that invades your entire life. You may not be ready for this hardcore in your face approach to reshaping your life, however, I will promise you this; if you have the heart to stick with us, to truly be Brutally Honest and approach this as a way of life, miracles will happen.

Those individuals that take the step to be truly brutally honest will develop their own life plan, will create a bullet proof shield to deflect life’s challenges, create a mechanism that if the shield should be pierced, however slight, that they will develop a way to work through life’s inevitable problems and challenges.  To truly deflect criticism, blame, envy, greed, anxiety and continue forward towards your Life plan, with that inner person called “ambition” on your side.

Brutally honest is an in your face, no nonsense attack on the part of you that says “I can’t”, “no way”, or wants to give up.  The approach will get to that part of you, many levels down that controls your negative thoughts and patterns.   Then, and only then, at this most remote part of your being, at your “Souls Core”,  can you be built back up to design an unstoppable journey to your true destiny in life.  The place that every one else told you, you would never reach.  Once there, you will be overcome with the most incredible, satisfying feeling of accomplishment, and self-pride.  EMPOWERMENT. Once you taste this feeling, you will be programmed to want it again…, again…, and AGAIN.  You will do so on your journey to “UTOPIA”.

For a limited time, the founders of Brutally Honest will make available to a select group of individuals to participate in a life altering program know as the “Founders Club”.  This club is being made available to a limited number of select individuals personally interviewed and accepted into the club by the founders themselves.  This invitation will ultimately only be given to those individuals that posses the upper levels of drive, determination and self-discipline. The individuals will be given the opportunity to work one on one in various settings with the founders themselves, as a personalized program is custom tailored to the individual.  The founders charge tens of thousands of dollars for their services to their clients.  It is for this reason that their time is highly valued and sought out.  While the Brutally Honest system is also available in the many other formats listed above, to the public at large, by way of books, audios, seminars etc., this once in a lifetime opportunity will allow the individual the most personalized, individual attention in a setting that is most conducive to obtain results.  Only the most serious applicants will be considered.

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