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December 5th, 2009  |  Published in About The Authors


As I lecture daily to family, friends, and clients, your life is the sum total of all of the parts, not just one of them. I call these parts Brutally Honest Target Zones. Imagine a pie that represents your whole life. Each slice represents the various areas of your life: family, finances, career, health, and other factors unique to you. When you are confronted with a perceived or real crisis, you typically zoom in on the one slice of the pie that is currently in crisis. It is easy to see how doing this would lead someone to feel depressed.

In working with these individuals, I get them to zoom out and look at the whole pie. Then I have them focus on what is going right as opposed to what is going wrong. After that, I have them zoom in on a slice that is going exceptionally well. Once there, I engage all their senses, asking them to describe the personal traits that helped them to create these positive results. I explain to them that these traits are like ingredients in a recipe. I tell them of my world-famous “cheesy omelet,” which my daughter loves me to make for her. The ingredients consist of two eggs, milk, spray oil, and cheese. These ingredients collectively make up the perfect omelet … or do they? Actually, they only make the perfect omelet if used in the right order and in the right amounts. If I throw the eggs on the ground, spray the oil in the air, and fry the cheese in the pan by itself, I won’t produce the ultimate omelet. By using the same ingredients, in the right amounts, in the right way, and in the right order, I perfectly replicate the ultimate omelet each and every time. Life works much the same way as creating the ultimate omelet. By asking a person to determine what ingredients make up the slice of life that is going very well and in what order to apply what quantities, we identify the makings for the ultimate slice of pie.

Once I’ve gone through this with someone, I have him or her zoom out again from the ultimate slice, look at the whole pie, and then zoom back in on the slice that is causing problems. We then simply apply the same ingredients from the ultimate slice (which, for example, may be courage, character, tenacity, commitment, or loyalty) to the troubled slice, in the same order and in the same quantities. This approach has helped countless individuals to begin the process-sometimes instantaneously-of correcting problem areas in their lives. When confronted with a problem or crisis, do you allow it to overtake your entire life or do you put it in perspective? Do you consciously visualize similar problems you have encountered in the past that you successfully overcame or do you dwell on the new crisis as if it is the end of the world?


Brutally Honest drives my life both personally and professionally. I started my career as an Electrical Engineer for General Electric and later was instrumental in the successful public offering of Ulticom Inc. (ULCM : NASDAQ). After taking Ulticom public I decided to take some time off to be with my family and work on the “non-corporate” side of Jim Grim”. It is this next journey that introduced me to Greg and helped me to hone my Brutally Honest skills and concepts.

My wife, Cyndii, and I purchased Ultimate Image Salon in Exton, PA in 2002 and we have spent the last seven plus years growing a wonderful business by implementing the straightforward concepts of Brutally Honest. Each day we actively communicate with our staff and work to grow them as people as well as professionals. By helping our staff find their passion that leads them to their Brutally Honest SOUL’s CORE it helps the entire company prosper. I feel that this is something that is really missing in many companies and in the world today.

When is the last time you lived your life following YOUR beliefs? When is the last time you really felt good about who YOU are and how YOU interact with YOUR family on a CONSISTENT basis? Trust me when I say that if you take the step to read and implement the contents of The Brutally Honest Life Management Journal your life and the lives of those around you will be enriched in ways you cannot imagine.

Every time I meet someone like you, I am more fulfilled and my life is enriched. Thank you for the privilege of having our paths cross.

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