Who We Are

Who We Are

December 5th, 2009  |  Published in Who We Are

Who Are We and Why Did We Do This?

Why we did this is an easy question to answer. The simple, Brutally Honest truth is that we both believe that if you do not mentor and help others, then the gift that God has given you stops. Despite our diverse and varied backgrounds, what has been paramount to each of us is helping as many people as possible achieve their hopes, dreams, and goals and imparting in them the passion and desire to go forth and to help as many people as they can, thereby insuring an ongoing ripple effect, which will expand exponentially into infinity…

Over the years, despite our initial differences, we discovered that we shared countless things in common, the core of this similarity being our unwavering belief in family, faith, and loyalty and an almost obsessive desire to help others. The ability to face and deal with adversity, to hold tight and let go, to think deeply and be whimsical, to plan a safe voyage step by step and plunge down the face of a wave all combined to forge the phenomenal friendship that has formed the backdrop of this book. We spent many hours together in a legal forum and through these countless hours of hearings and counseling, our stories began to unfold and our friendship deepened. Neither one of us had a silver-spoon life, and both of us had to overcome much adversity to get where we are today; however, both of us have consistently kept journals of our lives, and from those journals we were able to learn from our pasts and plan for our futures. Please remember that if your life is worth living, then it is worth recording.

Like a fine wine that has come of age, it is now time to tell our stories to the world. It is time to tell the world the straightforward, Brutally Honest principles that shaped our lives and brought us success. It is time to continue the Brutally Honest cycle and give to others so that the process can regenerate and continue. This may sound a bit out there to you right now, but-believe us-when you finish the journal you will understand the power of the statement….

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