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Sample excerpts from the “Brutally Honest Life Management Journal”©

What Is Brutally Honest?

The Brutally Honest system is the sum of the authors’ life experiences, work, passion, and the obstacles we have overcome. We designed a system to combat the type of failure experienced with mainstream self-help products. Brutally Honest consists of a revolutionary three-step process. As you work your way through this journal, you will also work your way through the three Brutally Honest steps.

In the first step, you will begin by narrowing in on, defining, and creating a crystal-clear picture of what it is you need and not what society says you need. This is the critical difference, what has transformed the lives of the authors’ countless clients, family members, and friends.

Step one, the Breakdown Phase, will lead you through an intense yet magical journey into the deepest reaches of your being, where you will ultimately reach your Soul’s Core. It is at this magical and illusive place where individuals are finally alone with their thoughts, where stereotypes don’t exist, peer pressure is gone, and guilt, marketing, and social pressures all disappear. Only once you arrive at Soul’s Core will you be ready to develop your individual and personal Brutally Honest Target Zones®. Target Zones are your personalized goals, which form figurative targets that you seek out, aim for, and unite with. Once you are at the Soul’s Core, the Brutally Honest system moves into overdrive in assisting you to clearly define your Brutally Honest Life Management Systems®.

Step two of the Brutally Honest system, unlike most self-help programs, incorporates all areas of your life and transcends to your family, friends, and associates by way of the positive energy that emanates from you. The Brutally Honest system is designed not only to be implemented by you but also to impact anyone else with whom you choose to share your newfound gifts. Whether it be a Family Law client who will now need to plan for their, and their Children’s new futures, or any other individual getting ready to combat any one of life’s many obstacles, Step two helps them gain clarity in defining these most crucial decisions and to chart a path to their attainment. It is through clarity where fear starts to be eliminated as one’s goals becomes more readily attainable.

Most programs find one family member attending an all-day or weekend seminar and coming home hyped-up and motivated. His or her family, however, not having gone through the same experience, is not able to fully appreciate what that person went through and doesn’t experience the same feelings. The authors have determined that one key component to creating a fulfilling life is the unity of the family. Using the Brutally Honest system generates true communication, perhaps for the first time in years, and families are energized in a common goal.

Lastly, once the life plan is solidified, step three, the journey to Utopia, begins. This journey to Utopia is an ongoing process to not only reach the goals set in one’s Brutally Honest Life Plan but also to learn the critical skills of self-evaluation as the journey unfolds. Most programs teach one how to set and achieve goals. While this is admirable, the reality is that no plan can be left unchecked. In the process of transcending through the Brutally Honest Life Plan, you will be taught how to define, evaluate, re-evaluate, and continue to improve your life. Most self-help systems end with the individual attempting to achieve his or her predetermined goals. We recognized, after years of practice and teaching, that things change in the real world-and change quickly. With the Brutally Honest program you are about to embark on, you will learn the skill of adaptation and develop the mind frame to react quickly to life’s curve balls. You will be ready and able to spread the word to others. One of the most rewarding activities we can do is to mentor others and make a real difference in someone’s life. Frankly, that is the reason Brutally Honest exists.

Utopia is the never-ending pursuit of excellence measured by the satisfaction of living life to the fullest.

-Gregory LaMonaca

By undertaking the exercises throughout this journal and recording and writing down your answers, you will be able to measure where you have been, where you are presently, and where you want to go. This self-analysis forms the basis of Brutally Honest.

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